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Funeral Program Templates  

Funeral Programs, also referred to as Obituary Programs or Funeral Memorials, are printed handouts that are passed out to those attending funeral services or sometimes mailed or delivered to other family and friends of the  deceased. 

Funeral Programs most often include select photographs, an autobiographical overview of the deceased, poem, scriptures, hymns or other inspirational texts along with an outline of the order of service. The order of service includes the following segments of the funeral service:

Musical Prelude, Processional Scripture, Prayer, Musical Selection, Acknowledgements (Cards and Condolences), Remarks (Friends and Family), Obituary- Obituary Reading, Musical Selection, Eulogy, and Recessional.

Funeral Services and the Order of Service can and should be designed to suit family, loved ones, cultural and religious needs. For this reason, LifecyclePrints Funeral Program Templates are easy to use and customizable to suit individual needs.

LifecyclePrints Funeral Program Templates come in a variety of beautiful, vibrant themes: Floral, Homegoing Celebration, Honored Life, Beautiful Landscape and Sweet Angel. 

Our 8 1/2 x 11. single fold templates are available in both MS Word and MS Publisher formats and can easily be expanded to add additional pages if needed.

Celebration Invitation Templates

LifecyclePrints has now added a new line of templates: Celebration and Invitation Templates which include Holiday Card Templates-Christmas Cards and New Years Eve Celebration; Birthday Card Templates, Graduation Invitation and Anniversary Templates and more to our product group. The artwork and graphics are colorful and visually exciting. Our templates are customizable and can be personalized with family and friends photographs.  

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 Our selection of formatted templates are easy to use. They are customizable and download immediately with the receipt of a private email upon payment. Our Funeral Program Templates, also known as Obituary Programs are available in MS Word and MS Publisher formats and available in a variety of beautiful themes. Our Celebration/Invitation products which include holiday card templates for Christmas, New Years Eve celebrations, etc.; birthday card templates anniversary invitations, and graduation invitations are available in various MS Word formats. All templates are inexpensive, reusable and can be printed on personal printers or delivered to local printers to print as many copies as you need. 
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