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LifecyclePrints Template Tips - provides useful tips on how to customize your funeral program template, memorial program, holiday card template, birthday card template, graduation invitation, anniversary invitation and other products purchased.  


Celebration and FUNERAL PROGRAM


Lifecycleprints Funeral Template Tips

Helpful Hints:

Open your template: Click File, Save As, “xxxxxx funeral program.” This step will save a copy of your original file.

The undo and repeat arrows located in the upper top corner can be used to correct mistakes, so long as you haven’t saved your document.

You can change the font, font size, color, and overall color theme of the program by accessing the Page Layout tab  on the top left hand portion of the tool bar.


The font can also be changed by highlighting the existing text, selecting  the Home tab, pressing the down arrow to locate the desired font/color/size or by highlighting the text, right click until the drop down selection box appears. Highlight Font and make desired changes.


Themes and Colors

Select from the various themes/colors to find the look or affect you prefer using the Page Layout tab. This is a great feature that allows you to change the overall color theme to your specific liking.


To change a photo, select the existing photo or photo place holder, right click your mouse until you see the drop down menu.


Change Picture

Insert the desired picture or photograph to your document

Resize, format as needed

Formatting a Picture:

From the same drop down down box, you can also format your picture or add special effects. This feature allows you to add effects and contrast to your photographs and pictures. Make selections from the left hand panel and use the dropdown Presets boxes. Experiment with   different looks, textures. 

Be creative!