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Lifecycleprints Funeral Program FAQ

 Lifecycleprints ~Program Template FAQ

1. What Services do you provide?

Lifecycleprints provides formatted templates to help our customers create beautiful, professional funeral programs, obituary programs, holiday cards such as Christmas Cards, New Years Eve Celebration Cards and other major holidays. We also provide celebration templates such as graduation invitations, anniversary invitations. Our funeral programs are often important keepsakes and memorials to those whose lives were touched by departed friends and loved ones. 

2. What can I change on the template?

You can change a number of elements to customize the program to your needs including, titles and headings, font, font size, style and color. You can change/add poems or scriptures, add text and photographs and change the overall color theme using the page design or page layout features.

3. What software programs are needed to use your templates?

You will need Microsoft Word versions 2003, 2007 or 2010 and Microsoft Publisher. Our templates also work with Open Office-100% free (compatible with MS Office 2000/2003/2007) and can be downloaded at this link: Open Office download. Not compatible with Microsoft Works.  

4. What are the benefits of using your template? 

Lifecycleprints program and celebration templates are pre-formatted with beautiful scenic and graphic designs. We offer a variety of themes that are easy to customize to your individual needs. We provide useful resources and links to help you create a beautiful memorial that family and friends will cherish. Our templates are very affordable and can be reused as often as needed. 


5. Do you provide help if I have questions? 

Our templates are easy to use if you are familiar with Microsoft Word.  Simply click the text boxes and add or replace text as desired, Insert photos, change font styles, size and color. We provide a very helpful instruction documents that is available for free download. You can also reach us by sending us a note on our Contact Us page. A Customer Support Specialist will respond to any product or technical questions you have. 

6. What type of paper do you recommend? 

The weight of the paper stock is important when printing double-sided documents. You will want a thicker paper to avoid ink bleeding to the other side.   28 Lb stock is a good paper weight for brochures, presentations and excellent for double-side printing. Visit here for  a free download of more information on:paper weights.  There are also a variety of color papers that will work well with printing your program. You can also consult with your local office supply store. 

7. What type printer do I need?

Any standard laser or ink jet printer works very well. You can also save your template to CD and take to your local printer to the amount of copies you need.  You will want to consult with your printer to get an estimate up front.    

8. How do I place an order and pay for my template?

  • Browse our template collection on our template designs page, or go to our online store.
  • Choose a template and add to your shopping cart.
  • Go to checkout and pay with a credit card or Pay Pal account. Payments are processed through our secure Pay Pal connection.
  • When payment is processed, you will receive a secure email with a link to download your funeral program template file. Your template is available to download immediately. You can also download your template from the account details section on our website.
9. I didn't receive my secure email with the link to download my template. What should I do to get my template?

If for some reason you do not immediately receive your email with a link to download your template you should first check your spam or junk mail. You can also access your templates for up to 72 hours after purchase with a maximum allowance of three downloads. If you are still unable to locate/download your template file, please contact us here. One of our Customer Support Specialist will work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. 

10.  Will my payment and personal information be secure?

Yes, your payment and personal information is secure. We use PayPal to process all transactions. PayPal uses the latest in data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure.